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Siam Park Tenerife: Review, Tickets, and Practical Information 

Thai themed Siam Park is one of Tenerife’s most popular attractions, and is a day trip that I’ve been recommending to visitors for years. Here’s the problem: Until very recently, I’d never actually been to Siam Park. The main reason for this heinous crime is simply that I don’t like water parks. They’re too noisy, too up-tempo, and generally too chaotic for my delicate tastes.

Also, I think I might have water slide PTSD. Deep inside the recesses of my mind exists a memory where I am falling into a pitch black void of water. Come to think of it, that’s a wonderfully terrifying name for a ride.

Anyhow, at some point it dawned on me that I can’t in good conscience keep recommending Siam when I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. I wanted to be able to look at myself in the mirror once again without screaming “FAKER!”

So before I could be tried in the international court of travel blogging, I decided to suck it up and take a visit. So now I just have to write a Siam park review 🙂

This is my personal account of Siam Park. It is not an advert, and I am not being paid. Not because I have high principles, but because no one is crazy enough to pay me to visit a water park.
(But get in touch if you are).

Siam park Tenerife review

Here I am, looking very happy in Siam Park.
Siam park lazy river
siam park slide

Siam park photos

Siam park tickets

Since I’m also not a fan of queuing in 30 degree heat, I made the sensible choice to purchase tickets online in advance. This made access to the park fast and stress-free.

Siam park ticket prices

  • Adult ticket 40 €
  • Child ticket 28 €
  • Child 0 to 2 years – FREE
  • Adult ticket + lunch 54 €
  • VIP ticket with a private cabin or a villa 590-885 €
  • Skip the line ticket 40 €buy it in advance online

Siam park discount tickets: Siam park second visit ticket

Siam park second visit ticket

Siam Park values its visitors and offers them the opportunity to save on a second visit to the water park. For the first ticket, you need to pay the full amount and you can buy a second ticket for the price of €20. This promotion is valid if you want to go to Siam Park within 15 days from your first visit.

You can get a second ticket at a reduced price at the Siam Park reception. Siam park Tenerife tickets are not cheap but they are totally worth the experience.

Siam park family tickets

Most water parks around the world offer family tickets, which are a cheaper option than buying a ticket for each family member individually. Unfortunately, Siam water park Tenerife does not offer such discounts.

Siam park fast pass 

This pass will give you fast-lane access to the most popular rides. This way, you won’t waste time waiting in queues to take a ride down a waterslide. You are allowed to use the fast pass once for each ride.

You can buy a Siam park fast pass at a souvenir stall displaying the sign: “Fast Pass Here”.

Another option is to buy a Siam Park VIP ticket or an All-inclusive ticket. It includes unlimited consumption of food and drinks, a towel and a locker, and a fast pass to all the attractions.

Inside Siam

Once you have entered Siam, you are immediately greeted by sea-lions. Yes, real sea-lions.

Not robotic ones selling overpriced refrescos (give it another 15-20 years) but real living ones, frolicking around in the water. If the goal here was to get me psyched for some water-based activities, then the seals did a marvelous job.

sea lion in siam park tenerife

The plan for the day was to soak up the warm weather, wander the park in an aimless fashion, and possibly get soaking wet. Not the most comprehensive plan I’ve ever put together.

The first thing that stood out to me about Siam Park Tenerife was just how green it was. Unlike many other water parks that feel barren and man-made, Siam was notably lush with tropical vegetation. So much so, that It almost felt like you were in the middle of a jungle.

siam park image

After two hours of circulating the park and taking photos for the blog, another thing that took me aback is how massive the place seemed. Big enough that you could be in a small country.

Does Siam Park deserve its own Olympic team? I’d say yes. (Better check with Thailand, though) 🙂

Vast and visually-pleasing it may be, for most visitors Siam is obviously about the adrenaline-fuelled rides.

Since I had a young child in tow, overcoming any lingering fears and testing my nerve on the park’s bigger rides was out of the question. But simply being able to witness the thrills and spills of other daytrippers on said rides, was exciting in itself.

The headline act at Siam Park Tenerife is the Tower of Power, a 28 meter high slide that launches you towards earth at breakneck speeds up to 80 km/h.

If that isn’t terrifying enough, the ride passes through a giant aquarium full of sharks and rays prior to splashdown.

sharks at the Tower of Power

Yes through, not into.

The latter wouldn’t go down well on Tripadvisor. Siam park Tenerife reviews say it’s the craziest ride in all the water parks.

A slightly less threatening but equally hair-raising ride is Singha, a water roller-coaster packed with high speed bends, climbs, and descents.

Singha at Siam park

And that’s underselling it; with a 6 meter/second ascent and 18 meter/second fall, Singha is the fastest recorded slide at a water park! Certainly one for the bucket list.

If being fired out of the sky into a puddle of water isn’t your thing, then there’s always the option to have the water come at you. The Wave Palace mimics all the fun of a windy day in the ocean, but is warmer and less dangerous.

It’s perfect for anyone with kids (like me) and individuals looking to practice the basics of surfing in a controlled environment (absolutely not like me).

A moderately crazy water slide that is suitable even for children as young as 6 years old, is the Naga Racer.

Naga racer slide

In fact, there is no age restriction on this slide, but there is a height restriction. A child must be at least 110 cm tall. The special thing about this slide is that you’ll be sliding down the slope head first 🙂

Siam park for toddlers and kids of all ages

Speaking of children, Siam Park Tenerife has a whole host of different rides and activities geared towards the younger generation.

Looking for something halfway between the kiddie pool and a 20 meter death drop? Then you might consider a go on what was my favorite attraction: the family-friendly Mai Thai River – Siam park lazy river.

Siam park lazy river

This waterway allows patrons to lazily weave their way through the middle of the park in a rubber ring, without having to lift a finger. Just kick your feet up, chill out, and enjoy the natural splendor of Siam.

And to make sure that you don’t zonk out halfway through, the river includes several moderately exciting faster sections.

If you’re like me and want your relaxation time to involve zero movement, then Siam Beach is the place to be.

Siam Beach at Siam park

Here you can enjoy the whitest and brightest natural sands imported from the shores of the Canary Islands. Feeling overstimulated from the sights and screams, I spent a fair amount of time here. No regrets!

Another great place in Sam Park that’s perfect for holidaymakers with children is Coco Beach.

Coco beach at Siam Park Tenerife

This is a beautiful recreational area with a large pool of over 1,000m2, a beach and a building styled after the ruins of Angkor Wat.

The water in the pool is very warm, ideal for young children. The pool also has small artificial waves and the entrance is gentle, just like a real beach. The artificial waves are soft and calm – ideal for your child to swim on an inflatable flamingo.

There are far fewer people here than on the main beach. I think this is because this area is away from the craziest water slides and from the main entrance. So at Coco Beach you can always find free sun loungers and relax quietly, away from the crowds.

And another important fact for families, right next to Coco Beach there is a restaurant area with delicious food suitable for children. I really enjoyed the beach itself as well, with gorgeous white sand that comes straight from the Sahara Desert.

There is another attraction for kids near Coco Beach – Bodhi Trail. I promise, your kids will love Bodhi Trail.

Bodhi trail at Siam Park Tenerife

Here they can feel like the Mowgli of the Jungle Book. What is the Bodhi Trail? This Siam park kids area will take your kids on an adventure among the trees and tropical greenery. The path in the trees has obstacles, ladders, tasks, bridges and towers, everything that kids enjoy.

Your child will be proud of himself when he completes this adventurous journey. And, of course, he will have a lot of fun! This attraction is suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Bodhi trail at siam park

That’s not all. Siam Park has lots of activities and places to make your child happy. The Lost City is an entire water town for children, with mini slides, ladders and passageways.

the lost city at Siam park

Siam park for kids

It is crowned by a bowl in the shape of a head, which is constantly filled with water. When the water inside reaches its maximum level, a bell rings and the bowl topples over onto the delighted visitors of The Lost City.

Another family-friendly spot in Siam Park that’s perfect for young children is Sawasdee.

Sawasdee area for kids in Siam Park

Here you’ll find water slides for children with no age or height restrictions. This area is designed for children of the youngest age. Even toddlers will find it comfortable and fun.

So…is Siam Park in Tenerife worth it?

Most Siam park reviews say yes, it’s worth it! and in fact, I think so too!

Did I spend a disproportionate amount of my time at Siam Park in a horizontal position? 🙂 Guilty, your honor 🙂 I did not squeeze every inch of fun out of the place, and it’s clear that I am not the main target audience.
With that said, I did enjoy myself.

That is a testament to the fact that – as cliche as it may sound – there really is something for everyone.

Adrenaline junkies, human sloths, and everyone in between; there is a piece of happiness for you within the walls of Siam Park.

This isn’t any generic water park, It’s one of the highest rated in the world. For that reason (and the fact that it’s very pretty) Siam Park in Tenerife is worth visiting at least once.

And if you’re left wanting by Siam, you might prefer Tenerife’s other lesser known water attraction, several miles down the road: The Atlantic Ocean. We’re talking 41 million square miles of nothing but water. It’s really, really wet. Check it out. 🙂

Siam Park Practical Information

Thai architecture at Siam park Tenerife

Siam park slides list

Siam park best rides that will boost your adrenaline:

  • Kinnaree – This waterslide is a 213-metre slope, as you slide down it, the inflatable raft gets sucked into a funnel, tossed and twisted in all directions. The sides are lined with tropical vegetation, making it look like a mountain river in the jungle.
  • Mekong Rapids – from a huge slide on an inflatable lap, you can glide down a fast river, while being tossed from side to side on steep turns.
  • Dragon – On the high Dragon ride, four people can ride on an inflatable sled, gliding through the water. Suddenly the slide becomes vertical, which takes your breath away. This attraction is the only one of its kind in Europe and is decorated with a large dragon statue.
  • Tower of Power – the height of this slide is 28 metres. After accelerating in a near-vertical chute, the extremists fly into a glass tube, through an aquarium with fish, rays and sharks.
  • The Vulcano – The Volcano is a show depicting a volcanic eruption with sound effects. The inflatable balloon slides down into a fiery volcano, plunging into total darkness.
  • Singha
  • Patong Rapids
  • Naga Racer – The Speedway Naga Racer consists of six downhill lanes where you ride upside down on special mats.

Water slides for kids / family-friendly areas:

  • Sawasdee – This is an area with slides for kids.
  • Jungle Snake – It is a structure resembling twisted four snakes flying down the jungle at high speed.
  • The Lost City – it is a perfect place for children. Here you will find 120 different activities for children: castles, bridges, waterfalls and a children’s pool. This attraction resembles a giant playground on the water.
  • Siam park Wave palace – The Wave Palace is a huge pool, with a sandy beach around it, which can accommodate over a thousand holidaymakers. Every hour, artificial three-metre waves rise over the pool.
  • The Giant – The Giant is a water slide on a steep mountain, with funnels for thrills. Adults and children alike descend it at crazy speeds.
  • Coco Beach
  • Bodhi Trail
  • Mai Thai River – On the lazy river, which is 1 km long, you can take a trip on an inflatable ring with surprises, past landscapes with waterfalls, aquariums, beaches, palm trees. When the extreme drops on the water slides have bored you, you can relax and float peacefully on the river, admiring the unusual scenery of the area.
  • Siam Beach

Siam Park map

Siam park map

Siam park rules

Here are some important rules you should be aware of before your visit to Siam Park.

In Siam Park, you cannot go on water slides and other attractions in flip-flops or sandals. You will simply not be allowed on the rides in such shoes. You have to leave your flip-flops downstairs and pick them up after coming down the waterslide.

If you want more comfort you can buy special water shoes from Siam Park boutiques. These shoes cost around 8 euro.

It is officially forbidden to bring your own food into the water park. You may be asked to show the contents of your bag at the entrance.

This rule does not apply to small children. You can of course bring the necessary food and snacks for them.

There are several restaurants and eateries in Siam Park where you can always find something to eat.

Most slides do not specify a minimum age for a child, but a minimum height.

Siam Park hotels

If your hotel in Tenerife is not located in the south of the island but in the capital Santa Cruz or in the north of the island, it makes sense for your comfort to stay one night in a hotel near Siam Park. After a full day on extreme waterslides or a relaxing lazy river, you don’t want to drive for another hour.

There are several good apartments and hotels near Siam park, available in different price ranges.

If you’re looking for budget accommodation, this property near Siam Park is a great choice. It is a modern apartment with all the comforts of home, a balcony and a swimming pool. Siam Park is only a 3-minute walk from the flat.

If you prefer the comfort and service of a hotel, choose a hotel Olé Tropical Tenerife. This hotel offers lovely rooms, a generous buffet breakfast and a children’s playroom. Adults can replenish in strength in the wellness area and go for a massage directly at the hotel. Siam Park is just a 3-minute drive away.

Quick Siam Park Q&A

Q: Where is Siam park?

A: There are currently two Siam Parks in the world. One is in Bangkok, Thailand. It is called Siam Amazing Park, more commonly known as Siam Park City. It was founded in 1980. Siam Park in Bangkok is one of Thailand’s largest and most popular water parks and theme parks. The second Siam Park is in Tenerife. It was opened in 2007. The two parks have different owners. The owner of Siam Park in Tenerife spoke in an interview about his love of Thailand and Thai architecture. Perhaps that’s why he named his water park in Tenerife Siam Park.

Q: What is Siam park water temperature? Is the water warm?

A: Yes. Temperatures are held at a steady +24 degrees celsius. So if the ocean is too cold
during your trip to Tenerife, then Siam Park might be the best (warm) alternative.

Q: At what age can a child go to a Siam Park? Siam park age restrictions.

A: Siam park child age is 0. It means you can bring your baby with you. There are swimming pools where you can bathe your baby. There is also plenty of vegetation and shade in Siam Park, which is important for your baby’s well-being. If your child can already walk, Siam Park has different attractions for toddlers. There are no age restrictions at Siam Park. But there are height restrictions, which vary from slide to slide.

Q: Does Siam park have lockers?

siam park lockers

Yes, of course, don’t worry, there are lockers in Siam Park where you can leave your valuables safe and sound. Siam park lockers are a necessity because, obviously, you can’t take your phone and wallet with you on a waterslide. How much are lockers at Siam park? Small lockers cost 3 euros. A large locker costs €5. You will also have to pay a deposit of €5 for the lockers, which will be refunded after handing over the keys.

Q: What is the best day to visit Siam park?

If you’re travelling to Tenerife during the high season from June to September and December to February, Siam Park will be very busy every day. If you come to Tenerife during the low season, however, every day will be the best day to visit Siam Park, as you obviously won’t have to spend much time queuing for the water slides.

Q: What are Siam park opening times?

A: Siam park hours vary a bit depending on a season. Siam park opening times are the following: from 1 May to 29 October, Siam Park operates according to a summer timetable. You can relax in Siam Park from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. From 30 October to 30 April, Siam Park runs on a winter timetable. The water park is open Monday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Q: Is Siam Park open all year?

A: Yes, indeed, siam park is open all year round. Tenerife enjoys great sunny weather all year round and with the waters at Siam Park being additionally heated, you can enjoy water adventures 365 days a year.

Q: Is that it?

A: I said it was going to be quick.


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