Tenerife Beaches & Towns

Best Beaches in Tenerife: Top 10 You Must Visit

Tenerife beaches

Most travellers come to Tenerife with one main goal in mind: THE BEACH! And they’re right. After all, Tenerife is the island with the best beaches in Spain, where you can spend your holidays even in winter. Even if you’re planning a holiday on one beach, you don’t have to restrict yourself to it. The island is very diverse, and so are its beaches. Here is my pick of the most beautiful and best beaches in Tenerife.

Puerto de Santiago: Quiet Beach Vacations in Tenerife

Puerto De Santiago in Tenerife, The Canary Islands

Alcala: A Former Fishermen Town With Lovely Beaches

Alcala town in Tenerife

Alcala is a former fishing village in the south of the island that has retained its unique character and atmosphere. This place is perfect for travellers who like less touristy places and seclusion. However, the lack of tourist crowds does not mean there is nothing to do. In Alcala, you can relax in great hotels and apartments, dine in authentic restaurants and sunbathe on black sand beaches. Read on to find out why go to Alcala and what to do there.

Los Gigantes: The Warmest Place in Tenerife

Icod de los Vinos: An Ancient Town with a Famous Dragon Tree

Icod de los Vinos - a beautiful town in Tenerife

Icod de los Vinos is a charming ancient and in many ways unique town in Tenerife that is worth adding to your itinerary. It’s a must visit for a stroll through the town’s cobbled streets, linking small squares and fountains, sampling the local food and wine, and checking out the ancient Dragon Tree.

Los Cristianos: A Charming Town & Golden Sand Beaches

Los Cristianos town in Tenerife

Travelling to Tenerife? Then you may have heard about Los Cristianos. In fact you may well have eyed it up from afar (on Google) and sent admiring glances in its direction. If you’re super weird, you might even have inconspicuously left flowers on its doorstep. Or perhaps you have no feelings about it either way. Admittedly on first glance, Los Cristianos looks the same as most other resorts on the island – there’s the ocean and beach, some restaurants and hotels. Yada yada yada.

Playa de los Cristianos: Practical Information About The Beach

Playa de los Cristianos beach

If you want to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, add Playa de Los Cristianos to your Tenerife bucket list. Los Cristianos beach will also be an excellent base for your holiday, from where you can easily go on excursions around the island. This beach is a favourite among families with children, and couples who like tranquillity and good infrastructure. Recently, Los Cristianos beach has also become popular with digital nomads. Read on to find out all about it in detail.

Puerto de la Cruz: A Different Side of Tenerife

Welcome to Puerto de la Cruz, a small island town with spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean. Its streets and buildings are surrounded by lush tropical greenery, orchards, and vineyards, with the huge volcano Teide on the horizon.

It’s a cosmopolitan town on the north coast of Tenerife that offers all its visitors a genuine sense of seaside living.  

Indeed, Puerto de la Cruz is unlike any other tourist destination on the island.