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Weather in Tenerife in June: Things To Know Before You Go

Just four and a half hours by plane and you’ll be in Tenerife with its all-year-round warm and sunny weather. If you’re planning a trip to Tenerife and want to take advantage of the island’s fantastic weather, June is one of the wonderful months to visit. How hot is Tenerife in June? Is traveling to Tenerife in June a good idea?

Temperature In Tenerife In June

Is Tenerife hot in June? Tenerife’s exceptionally mild temperatures in June are one of the island’s most spectacular weather phenomena. You can pack your favorite swimsuit and spend plenty of time relaxing on the beach, as temperatures in Tenerife in June are comfortable and are around 25 °C. The average maximum temperature in Tenerife in June is 27°C, while the average minimum temperature is 18°C.

The days are normally hot, with balmy evenings in June.

Tenerife can get abnormally hot on some days in June. Hello, global warming and global climate change! The heatwave used to be a rare occurrence in June, but in recent years it’s not uncommon. On such days, the thermometer can rise to +31 + 32 degrees.

Also, some nights in Tenerife can be atypically cool, with temperatures of +14 degrees.

You can expect up to 14 daylight hours and an average of 10 hours of sunshine per day, allowing you more time to explore the island’s beauty. During the entire month, there is an average 10mm rainfall (or, in simple terms, there is no rain! ) with an inviting average sea temperature of 21°C. Similarly, the average wind speed in Tenerife in June is about 16km/h, with an average maximum wind speed of about 29km/h.

So, to summarize, If you are planning a holiday in Tenerife during June, be prepared for temperatures ranging between +14C to +32C.

Tenerife also has another, less pleasant weather phenomenon, a Calima. In a nutshell, the Calima is a type of sandstorm that comes to Tenerife from the Sahara Desert. If you want to know more about the Calima, read this article.

Difference in Weather Between The North And South Of Tenerife In June

The Southern and the Northern part of Tenerife Island looks different in June. While the southern part is characterized by having the warmest, dry, and sunniest temperatures (sun-drenched), the northern part of Tenerife is foggy, humid and usually a little colder during June .

The Northern part experiences more rain and cloud, which makes the resort attracts fewer tourists. While the North of Tenerife can be hazy and rainy during the winter months, it is not its default setting. The location guarantees visitors good weather to spend outdoors in the summer.

And even if you choose the southern resort as your holiday base, I highly recommend a visit to the north of Tenerife – here you’ll get to know an authentic part of the island, get to know its soul.  

June Weather In Tenerife’s Various Resorts

1 – Costa Adeje Weather June

June marks the beginning of summer in Costa Adeje, which means temperatures will rise substantially as well as the amount of sun that will be experienced daily. It is the perfect time to visit if you like more comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds when you go on holiday. Costa Adeje’s average temperature in June is 21ºC. The seasonal minimum is 21°C rising to a high of 26°C in the hottest part of the afternoon.

Make sure you bring plenty of sun cream with you and be careful in the midday sun. With a temperature low of 20°C after dark, it’s still pleasantly warm at night, and perfect for evenings out in the resort. Costa Adeje expects about ten hours of sunshine per day in the month without the chance of rain (a single millimeter of rain in June).

The Atlantic waters in Costa Adeje have an inviting 21°C temperature in June so you can decide to take a dip while you’re at the beach. With a perfect climate, June is considered the best time to go to that area in Tenerife.

2 – Playa de Las Americas Weather June

Playa de Las Americas has fantastic warm weather in June. The resort experiences a pleasant temperature of 21.5°C, which rises to about 23°C as the month passes. Similarly, the temperature increases to around 26°C  during the day and drops to 16°C at night.

Playa de Las Americas is subject to an average of 0mm (zero inches) of rainfall in June, which means rainfall is extremely unlikely at this time of year. You’re unlikely to see a drop, and if you’re incredibly unlucky and do get rain during your June vacation, it will most likely be drizzle or light rain. Another good news is that heavy rain, thunderstorms, and snowfall are all quite unlikely at the resort in June.

Furthermore, in June, the Playa de las Américas resort experiences an average of 9 hours of bright sunshine every day (that is 67% of the 14 daylight hours), giving you so many sunshine hours to relax and bask in the rays by the pool or at the beach during your holiday escape.

The average water temperature in Playa de Las Americas in June is 21°C. Although everyone’s perception of water temperature differs, you’ll agree that this is a suitable temperature for water sports. The average wind speed in Playa de Las Americas during this month is between 1m/s and 10 m/s.

3 – Puerto De la Cruz Weather June

Located on Tenerife’s northern shore, Puerto de la Cruz has a bit different climate. Puerto De La Cruz Tenerife weather in June is good, warm and sunny, but more humid.

The resort’s daytime average temperatures in June are comfortable with highs of 24.8°C and lows of 17.6°C. The nights are cool enough for a good night’s sleep, and the days are warm enough for a memorable day on the beach or in the pool. For June, the relative humidity in the resort averages 72%, and the water temperature averages a balmy 21.3°C, making it ideal for most people to enjoy a relaxing swim close to the shore.

Aside from the few days when you can experience an average of 3.2mm rain, you can expect an average of 12 long hours of glorious sunshine, whether exploring, lying on the beach, or swimming in the center. You won’t even need your waterproof or umbrella in this resort.

Puerto De La Cruz resort also experiences very little wind in June. The average wind speed is 15mph or 25km/h, with the highest recorded wind speed being 57km/h or 36mph. As hot winds blow in from the Sahara Desert, sometimes the temperature in Tenerife can reach dangerously high levels, but it happens rarely in June. If you are exposed to this hot, dry wind, you should seek shelter indoors as the winds can make outdoor experiences unpleasantly hot.

4 – Los Gigantes Weather June

The weather in Los Gigantes in June is suitable for anyone who loves comfortable temperatures and sunshine without becoming overheated. The resort’s average daily temperature in June is 22.5°C, with average maximum and minimum temperatures of 27°C and 20°C, respectively.

Temperatures tend to get warmer as the month progresses, so the last week of June is the best time to visit the resort for a holiday, if you enjoy hot and sunny weather. However, whichever time of the month you decide to visit, you’ll need to pack beachwear and sunscreen for the daytime, plus some relatively warm clothing to keep you comfortable during the  evening. 

Los Gigantes, too, has a consistent length of day in June, with an average of 12 hours of sunshine per day. Across the month, there are an average of 2 rainy days in the resort with the average monthly rainfall being 7mm. Aside from that, you can expect a sunny day almost all through. So, make sure you leave your umbrella and waterproof clothing at home.

The average water temperature in June in this resort is 21°C, which is particularly considered a good time of year to swim. Los Gigantes is rarely affected by strong winds in June. The average daily wind speed is around 19 km/h, with the maximum wind speed recorded recently being 94 km/h.

Water Temperature Tenerife June

June is a particularly good month in Tenerife to be on the beach, with a welcoming warm water temperature of about 22°C. This is considered enough for a comfortable bath.

According to average sea temperature observations over the past ten years, Tenerife’s warmest sea in June was 21.5°C in Costa Adeje resort and the coldest water 21.2°C in El Medano resort.

Sea Temperature Tenerife June: + 21°C – 22°C

For some travellers, especially those accustomed to the warm Mediterranean sea with temperatures of 26-28 degrees, bathing in the cool ocean may seem too extreme a treat. If you prefer to swim in warm water, you can choose to stay in a hotel with a heated pool in Tenerife. There are several such hotels in Tenerife, and many of them use water directly from the ocean (or dilute it a little with fresh water). So, you can benefit from the sea water and not freeze at the same time. 

Hotels With Heated Pools In Tenerife

Tenerife boasts a wide range of luxurious and utterly romantic hotels with heated pools that will make every guest’s stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Here are some of the hotels worth checking out:

  • Iberostar Grand El Mirador
  • Blu Paradise Costa Adeje
  • Royal Hideaway Corales Suites
  • Hotel Suite Villa Maria
  • Tigotan Lovers & Friends Hotel
  • Adrián Hoteles Colón Guanahaní
  • The Iberostar Grand Salomé hotel
  • Hotel La Siesta Tenerife
  • Boutique Hotel H10 Big Sur.
  • Hotel Royal Garden Villas

Things To Do In Tenerife In June

What to do in Tenerife in June? June in Tenerife is a great time not only for beach holidays but also for outdoor activities.

If you’re travelling with children, your kids will love visiting Loro Park. This is not a regular zoo but also a foundation and research centre. It’s set in 13 hectares of land and offers decent conditions for the animals, including adequate food and good quality veterinary care. You and your children can get to know many fascinating inhabitants of our planet in the Loro park. Read more about Loro park in this article.
Book a ticket to Loro park here.

The weather in Tenerife in June makes this month an ideal time to travel around the island as the daytime temperatures are still quite pleasant and not scorching.

A trip to Tenerife would not be complete without a visit to the north of the island.

I particularly recommend visiting La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Orotava and Garachico.

Tenerife Events June: Hogueras de San Juan

Also, if you come to Tenerife in June, you can participate in the grand festivities of San Juan – Hogueras de San Juan Tenerife.

The solstice marks summer’s opening and is celebrated by all cultures and peoples, from Ancient Egypt to the Far East or the Celtic world of the Druids. It is a magical night, a night of wonder and healing, a night of love.

bonfires for the festivities of Hogueras de San Juan Tenerife

As the summer solstice arrives, the days grow longer and warmer, and the sun takes its place at the highest point of the sky, lavishing its precious rays that create life. Not surprisingly, festivals with deep mythological roots are held in honour of this astrological phenomenon.

It is on the Feast of Saint John that bonfires are lit in Spain, including Tenerife, using fire as a purifying element.
The Feast of the Summer Solstice was originally celebrated on its astronomical day, the shortest night of the year, the 21st of June. But later, with the adoption of Christianity, the celebration was moved to the night of the 23rd to the 24th.

The holiday is celebrated all over Tenerife and, of course, the rest of the Canary Islands. Aside from bonfires on the beaches, in neighbourhoods and villages, there are open-air bonfires with lots of fireworks.

San Juan night is particularly celebrated in Puerto de la Cruz. The tradition involves lighting bonfires on the beach and decorating the municipality’s fountains with plant elements: fruits, vegetables, palm leaves, and flowers.

For many years, Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz has celebrated the day with a concert and fireworks display. On St. John’s Day itself, on the morning of the 24th of June, the so-called “goat bathing” – El baño de las cabras – takes place on the fishermen’s promenade.

There are many rituals that take place on the night of San Juan, the night before the 24th of June, but they all revolve around the praise of fire. In fact, it is the biggest celebration of fire, the king of fire festivals so much so that the pagan cult of fire and bonfires has been preserved to a greater extent than in other festivals.

a woman jumping over a bonfire to celebrate Hogueras de San Juan Tenerife

The great hero of St. John’s Night is fire, the purpose of which is not only to pay homage to the sun, but also to cleanse man’s sins. In the olden days, small fires were lit to warm potatoes or yams, which were then offered to those present so that they have prosperity for the whole year. People also threw old clothes, documents, and any items representing bad memories into the fire. Thus they banished the bad events of the previous twelve months.

Another custom associated with the Noche de San Juan is walking on the fire. Devotees prepare paths of charcoal two metres long and one metre wide and walk on them barefoot.

Hogueras de San Juan Tenerife celebrations are accompanied by dancing, eating, and drinking. Tenerife locals gather on the beach in the evening with friends and family and celebrate until late into the night.

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