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Top Romantic Things To Do in Tenerife For Couples

Tenerife for couples

After reaching Tenerife, browsing through the numerous attractions and choosing some to undertake with one’s partner can be challenging. The goal is to opt for something romantic while also being fun and exciting. Remember, no one wants to be bored on a romantic getaway! This article will list the best romantic places in Tenerife you can explore with the love of your life.

10 Magnificent Natural Pools in Tenerife That You Must Visit At Least Once

natural pool in Tenerife

Tenerife is a volcanic island full of unique natural attractions. Good examples of these natural wonders are Tenerife’s natural pools. During the many volcanic eruptions, the red-hot lava that reached the ocean and met the water, solidified very quickly and bizarrely. Thus, in some places of the island, the frozen lava formed peculiar lagoons.

Some lagoons were later adapted for bathing and became known as ‘pissinas naturales’ – natural pools. Most natural pools are small coves filled with ocean water. 

Loro Parque Tenerife: Review, Practical Information, Tickets & Tips

Loro parque Tenerife

A place that deserves your attention is Loro Parque. Located on the north of the Island, this zoo/bird park is a renowned family attraction, and has been voted the best of its kind in Europe.If you are so inclined, I’d suggest that it should be on your itinerary. Want to know more prior to making plans? Before we dig into what makes Loro Parque special, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the large E in the room. No, not Elephant. I mean Ethics.

Lago Martiánez: Tenerife’s One-Of-A-Kind Outdoor Swimming Pool

Lago Martianez in Tenerife

Anaga Rural Park: A Travel Guide For First Time Visitors

Anaga Rural Park is an amazing thing to do in Tenerife

The incredible Anaga Park in the north of Tenerife is an area with a unique nature and atmosphere. Thanks to its special geological structure and diversity of species, Anaga has become the ecological centre of Tenerife. Do you want to know what is so special about Anaga Tenerife? How to get there? Which trail should you take with the kids? How to prepare for the trip to Anaga rural park?

Bateria de Santa Barbara: A Fort Protecting Tenerife From Pirates

Bateria de Santa Barbara in Puerto de la Cruz

La Bateria de Santa Barbara is a defensive structure against pirates who often raided Puerto de la Cruz and the coastal harbour.

An important historical monument, La Batería de Santa Barbara is also a lovely place to stroll, enjoy the magnificent views, and watch the sunset.

Amazing Things To Do In Playa De Las Americas: You Won’t Get Bored!

Things to do in Playa de las Americas

Sitting pretty along the southern coast of Tenerife, Playa de las Américas is one of the island’s most reputable resorts. Sun, sea, sand – Américas has them all. So….just like every other stretch of the coast, then? Well okay clever clogs, sure. Unlike some other areas of the island though, there is a lot more to this resort than just its sunbatheability (new word alert). Playa de las Américas is a true paradise for novelty seekers, a mecca for adrenaline junkies, and really just medicine for anyone allergic to boredom.

Siam Park Tenerife: Review, Tickets, and Practical Information 

This is my personal account of Siam Park. It is not an advert, and I am not being paid. Not because I have high principles, but because no one is crazy enough to pay me to visit a water park. (But get in touch if you are).