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10 Romantic Things To Do in Tenerife For Couples

Looking to whisk away your beau on a romantic getaway? We will tell you why Tenerife will be your best option.

Tenerife is the most romantic of the Spanish Canary islands. The sun-warmed golden beaches and the turquoise waves of this island attract thousands of beach bums and those who want a good quality relaxation vacation from around the globe. Surrounded by the deep blue sea on all sides, Tenerife is a destination swarming with tourists year-round, including couples and newlyweds. The locals are friendly and cheerful, making a vacation on this island even more charming.

While people of all age groups are welcome, Tenerife is especially famous for its romantic escapades. The stunning island calls to couples worldwide who come here to celebrate their love as there are tons of things to do in Tenerife for couples. This island is steadily rising through the ranks among the best honeymoon destinations worldwide. Tenerife is the perfect location to explore one’s passion with their partner from hikes of the rugged mountainside, lush greenery, spectacular beaches, and buzzing nightlife.

After reaching Tenerife, browsing through the numerous attractions and choosing some to undertake with one’s partner can be challenging. The goal is to opt for something romantic while also being fun and exciting. Remember, no one wants to be bored on a romantic getaway! This article will list the best romantic places in Tenerife you can explore with the love of your life.

So let’s get started! Romantic Tenerife is waiting for you and your partner!

1 >> Stargazing

What can be more romantic than the stars?

Some of the things to do in Tenerife couples enjoy is to watch the stars at Teide volcano. Teide By Night allows you to book a stunning excursion, complete with a delicious three-course dinner and drinks. An air-conditioned bus picks up the passengers and makes some stops within Mount Teide National Park, which is a stunning location in Tenerife for couples. After the journey, the lovebirds reach the spot with the most perfect, unobscured views of the night sky.

An expert will map the constellations and describe the lunar formations, explaining their significance in light of the ancient knowledge of astronomy. The coppery sunsets form the perfect backdrop for a glass of Cava to be shared with your beloved.

2 >> Snorkelling And Kayaking

The Canary Islands waters are famous for their rare marine life and are perfect for a dive to explore all the species. A snorkelling expedition will provide the perfect amount of excitement by venturing into a bay only accessible by water together with your partner.

Getting up close with the intriguing sea turtles and over five different species of agile, cheerful, and clever dolphins will make you fall in love with mother nature.

If for some reason, diving into the water is not your idea of an ideal date, then you can opt for a kayak instead. This boat will provide clear views of the waters and surrounding mountains, and maybe an entertaining show by the dolphins.

3 >> Strolling Through The Botanical Gardens of Tenerife

magnificent tropical trees at the botanical garden in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife
Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz

Strolling through lush gardens hand in hand with your lover is one of the most romantic things to do in Tenerife. Due to its naturally fertile ground and pleasant weather, Tenerife is full of numerous gardens that will add to the tender feeling of your trip.

Jardín Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz, Jardines Victoria, Palmetum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Moringapark Tenerife are some of the top romantic places in Tenerife.

4 >> Aqua Club Thermal Spa

The main aim of a romantic getaway is to unwind with your partner. Aqua Club Spa and Wellness Center in Tenerife prioritizes the client’s leisure above all else.

Trained professionals combine relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind in an incredibly serene atmosphere. The experience is further enhanced as the centre caters to individual needs and has personalised packages for couples.

5 >> Swim In A Natural Pool

Natural pools definitely need to be on your Romantic Places Tenerife List. Formed along with dark, jagged rocks, these pools offer a unique opportunity to swim in the warm waters with your partner in relative seclusion and indulge in some precious moments of love.

The best ones include Charco del Viento, El Tancón, and El Caletón.

6 >> Anaga Rural Park

For lovers of nature, the Anaga Rural Park is a must-visit site in Tenerife for couples. With its lush forests, mossy hills, and steep mountains, this park displays the natural beauty of Tenerife in all its raw glory.

Feel the soft volcanic sand beneath the feet, take a dip in the cool Atlantic waters, or explore the old volcanic chimneys, the magma-solidified dikes, sharp cliffs, and ravines with your partner and take in all that nature has to offer.

7 >> Masca Valley

Masca valley is a beautiful and romantic place in Tenerife

Masca Valley is the pride of Tenerife. The lush surroundings of stunning greenery and vibrantly coloured flowers make it a perfect spot to hike hand in hand with your lover.

Among the rugged soaring peaks is the hidden village of Masca with a population of 90 people, which will give a couple all the feels of a mystical town. If you want to experience romantic Tenerife, you need to visit Masca! The road snaking around the mountains can be a little scary, but more of a reason to huddle closer to your partner!

8 >> Tenerife Vineyards

The island of Tenerife is famous for its extensive vineyards producing the most delicious wines. You can stroll among the long rows of creeping and crawling vines with bunches of grapes ripe for plucking by opting for a guided tour.

The guides will explain the different steps involved in wine-making and even provide some rare varieties for tasting.

If you are looking for romantic things to do in Tenerife, visit Bodegas Monje, Alma De Trevejos, and Bodega El Lomo for a splendid experience.

9 >> Nighttime Boat Trip

boats in Tenerife, Los Gigantes

Nothing says romance than the deep blue sea stretching out while you enjoy the views hand in hand with your partner.

A romantic nighttime boat trip is just the thing to tantalise the senses and make your partner fall in love with you even more. 🙂

 After the boat ride, stop at La Caleta Bay for a snack and drink to complete the evening.

10 >> La Gomera Island

Overlooking the inky waters, La Gomera is a Canary Island that boasts stunning natural beauty which is the perfect location in Tenerife for couples.

Surrounded by rugged rocky elevations and lush greenery, La Gomera is perfect for a lazy afternoon stroll with your beloved. Make sure to apply some sunscreen so you can top up your tan!

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