When Is The Best Time To Visit Tenerife?

Tenerife in January

What kind of weather to expect in Tenerife in January? Can you swim in Tenerife in winter? What clothes to bring? – You can find the answers to all these questions in this article.

Tenerife in February

Tenerife in March

What is Tenerife like in March? It’s quieter during the spring season, and there’s plenty to do since you won’t be on any waiting lists. Simply book a tour or an activity and go. So, here are a few reasons why you should travel to Tenerife in March.

Tenerife in April

Taking a vacation out of season can be the perfect solution for avoiding those hectic summer influxes of tourists. Whether you are looking for a calm destination for your next trip or for a way to simply enjoy one of your favourite islands without having as many people around, taking an early vacation in April can be a great option.

Tenerife in May

If you have no idea where to go, but are free or planning to take a break in May, and you love the sound of the waves, the warm climate, the crisp air, and being able to swim in the Atlantic ocean, Tenerife is a great destination to visit. How hot is Tenerife in May?

Tenerife in June

Just four and a half hours by plane and you’ll be in Tenerife with its all-year-round warm and sunny weather. If you’re planning a trip to Tenerife and want to take advantage of the island’s fantastic weather, June is one of the wonderful months to visit. How hot is Tenerife in June?

Tenerife in July

Tenerife in August

For many, August is an ideal time of year to visit Tenerife. It’s holiday season, the kids are off school, and the island itself promises warm temperatures throughout the month.

For others though, the thought might not be so appetizing. Why? Well, it’s peak holiday season ($$$), everyone else’s kids are off school (with tons of screaming guaranteed), and temperatures are sure to be so freakin’ high, that you’ll just spend your entire vacation spooning the refrigerator.

Tenerife in September

Did you know that saying “It’s almost September” to a baby’s pudgy little face will cause them to instantly start crying? Don’t believe me? Give it a go.

(Preferably not to a stranger’s baby)

The truth is that mere utterance of the word ‘September’’ is enough to send most folk into a near catatonic state of sadness. That’s because September universally means summer is over, and everyone will soon be returning to school/work/real life. It means that the darkness and rain are not too far round the corner.

Tenerife in October

In today’s mailbag, reader Jennie asks: “I travelled to Tenerife last October, and the departure gate at London Stansted Airport felt like I was participating in a jailbreak. Is this normal?”

Yes, Jennie, yes it is. Tenerife is a popular travel destination in October, and for one especially clear reason: the weather is frickin’ glorious.

While much of Europe edges towards hat and gloves territory, our small Spanish Island screams no gracias, and keeps those summer vibes rolling with beautiful, warm temperatures.

Tenerife in November

When the winter season starts to roll around, there is nothing better than a warm island escape. And there is no better escape than Tenerife for a simple reason: the weather in Tenerife in November is amazing!

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands, and its proximity to Africa ensures it has beautiful weather year-round. Thanks to the warm temperature in Tenerife in November, you can enjoy relaxing on the beach or go for a hike through the island’s forests. There is a bit of everything for all kinds of travelers to experience. 

Tenerife in December

Climate in Tenerife: Microclimates & MORE

Tenerife is the largest and the most popular of the Canary Islands. With tourism to the island increasing, especially among European visitors, it’s clear that Tenerife’s year-round warm & sunny weather provides an irresistible getaway at any time of the year. But how much does the weather really change over the course of a year?

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The atmospheric phenomenon of “la calima” occurs several times a year in all the Canary Islands, including Tenerife. But what is Tenerife’s calima? Why does the calima happen, and what are its health effects? How long does it last? What should you do if a Señora Calima visits Tenerife during your island holiday? Let’s find out all about it!