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Puerto De La Cruz: A Different Side Of Tenerife

Welcome to Puerto de la Cruz, a small island town with spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean. Its streets and buildings are surrounded by lush tropical greenery, orchards, and vineyards, with the huge volcano Teide on the horizon.

It’s a cosmopolitan town on the north coast of Tenerife that offers all its visitors a genuine sense of seaside living.  

Indeed, Puerto de la Cruz is unlike any other tourist destination on the island.

It’s not just the lack of massive hotel developments or a different climate, but a completely different atmosphere, where tourists become part of a leisurely, everyday life. 

In other words, there is no separation between locals and tourists like in other resorts. In Puerto de la Cruz, travelers blend in with the locals. And that’s the charm of Puerto de la Cruz resort, where you can feel part of the Canarian culture. Read this Puerto de la Cruz guide and discover what this unique city has in store for you.

1 | Puerto De La Cruz Tenerife: A Bit Of History / What Should You Expect From Your Holiday In This Town? / And Is It Worth Going There?

ocean, colorful buildings, palm trees and cave restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife
The Old Town of Puerto de la Cruz

After the Spanish colonisation of Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz became an important port in 1502. For a long time, it competed with the neighbouring port of Garachico, but a volcanic eruption in 1706 destroyed it. Thus, Puerto de la Cruz became an important port on the northern coast of Tenerife. Its growth and development was also influenced by wine production, which made it a commercial centre. 

The history of tourism dates back to the late 19th century when the British aristocrats started to come here for holidays, and the Grand Hotel Taoro, the most famous hotel in the city, was built. 

However, the mass popularity of Puerto de la Cruz came only with the general tourist boom in Spain in the 50-the 60s of the 20th century. It is believed that Puerto de la Cruz was the birthplace of Canary Islands tourism. Notably, some of the first holidaymakers here included such prominent figures as Winston Churchill and Bertrand Russell. 

Each year, the resort welcomes around one million travellers who are drawn to its stunning beaches, fascinating colonial architecture, and unrivalled cuisine. 

Puerto de la Cruz will appeal to travellers who enjoy authenticity, long walks, untouristy food, mild climate, tropical greenery, water sports, and excursions. This city is also excellent for travellers with children: you can have a great time in Loro Parque, the botanical park, and the Lago Martianez swimming pool complex. 

Is it worth visiting Puerto de la Cruz? In my opinion: absolutely! If you want to see a different side of Tenerife, make sure you come to Puerto de la Cruz. 

2 | When To Visit Puerto De La Cruz?

Puerto De la Cruz Climate

vegetation in Puerto de la Cruz
Gorgeous tropical plants in Puerto de la Cruz

As Tenerife is divided by a mountain range into two completely different climate zones, the weather and climate in Puerto de la Cruz are very different from those in the south of the island, such as Playa de las Americas or Los Gigantes.
The southern coast of Tenerife has a relatively dry and hot climate, while Puerto de la Cruz is humid. Trade winds blow here constantly.

Temperatures in Puerto de la Cruz range from +15ºC to +22ºC all year round. This is a truly paradisiacal setting for enjoying the sea, sun, relaxation, and beauty of the island.

Occasional fogs cover the town, regardless of the season. During the morning hours, Puerto de la Cruz often sees sunshine, and tourists can enjoy sunbathing, while at lunchtime, the sun is obscured by thick clouds.
The sun often doesn’t come out until the following day. It rains more often in Puerto de la Cruz than in the island’s south. For this reason, Puerto de la Cruz abounds in vegetation, not artificially planted as in the south, but given by Mother Nature.

Another interesting fact about Puerto de la Cruz’s weather and climate: in the 19th century, the British medical community voted the resort an ideal place in the world in terms of climate and weather. So, yes, you can visit Puerto de la Cruz at any time of year. Learn more about Tenerife’s climate here.

3 | Puerto De La Cruz Beach

Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz full of tourists
Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is not only a city with many attractions but also a beach.

Puerto de la Cruz boasts two beaches, both with black volcanic sand. The first one, Playa Martianez, is located in the eastern part of town, where tourists tend to settle. However, it is more suitable for sunbathing than swimming. It is completely unprotected from the waves and is not equipped with any facilities. This beach is popular with surfers.

For this reason, Playa Jardin, a man-made beach on the other side of town, is more popular with tourists. It was designed by Cesar Manrique, an architect from Lanzarote. This beach consists of four natural bays, decorated with tropical greenery and a picturesque waterfall. It features a beautiful garden, all the necessary equipment for a comfortable beach holiday, changing rooms, showers, restaurants and a medical centre. The beach is protected from the waves by a powerful concrete wave breaker.

4 | Hotels In Puerto De La Cruz

a sign of the city Puerto de la Cruz by the ocean

I’ve hand-picked what I think are the best hotels in Puerto de la Cruz. Choose any one from this list and you won’t go wrong.

The best hotels in Puerto de la Cruz:

  • Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden
  • Hotel Atlantic Mirage Suites & SPA
  • Hotel ValleMar 

Hotels with stunning views from the rooms:

  • Hotel las Águilas 
  • Hotel Atlantic Mirage Suites & SPA 
  • Sunlight Bahia Principe San Felipe
  • Hotel Best Semiramis 

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5 | Puerto De La Cruz Restaurants

Whereas in the southern resorts of Tenerife, such as Las Américas and Costa Adeje, the catering is quality but standardised to suit the average European, restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz are heavily frequented by locals in the good old Spanish tradition of eating out at least once a day. With this in mind, visitors should take advantage and sample the fresh seafood in the restaurants around Playa Jardin, and all the cafés in the centre with their beautifully decorated interiors and unhurried service.

If you’re only interested in Spanish cuisine, head to CASA MEDITERRANEA, Bambi Gourmet, Gastrobar Naife, Julian and Broma Latina. For a seafood dinner, go to the Tambo restaurant.

Prices in Puerto de la Cruz cafes are on average about 10-15 EUR per dish. Tapas is around 4-5 EUR.

Keep in mind that many Puerto de la Cruz restaurants close for a siesta.

For example, some restaurants are open until 4 pm, then close for the afternoon siesta, and only open in the evening at 7 pm. Other restaurants open only for lunch from 12:30 to 15:30, then close for a siesta and reopen their doors for hungry residents and visitors only at 18:30.

a tapas menu in Puerto de la Cruz restaurants

6 | Things To Do In Puerto De La Cruz 

walking in Puerto de la Cruz full of palm trees
exploring Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is a place where you can do hundreds of fun activities. Although the city is relatively small, you can spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks here in an enjoyable way.

In Puerto, travellers can swim in the open ocean, enjoy delicious terrace lunches, do active sports and recreation, watch the waves crashing on the San Telmo coast, view the unique scenery of Lago Martianez, watch fishermen arrive in port with their catch, enjoy concerts and festivals right on the street.

The list goes on with walks through the old town, visits to the botanical garden, Loro Parque, and much more.

Find out all the fun things to do in Puerto de la Cruz in this article.

7 | How To Get To Puerto De La Cruz?

Los Cristianos To Puerto De La Cruz By Car

From Los Cristianos, take TF-1 towards Santa Cruz until exit 6, where you exit at TF-2 (signposted La Laguna and Airport North). Near the tunnel, stay in the left lane to the TF-5. Follow this until you come to TF-31, then follow the signs.

Bus From Los Cristianos To Puerto De La Cruz

From Los Cristianos take bus lines 110 and 111 to Santa Cruz on route 103.

Costa Adeje To Puerto De La Cruz By Car

From Adeje, proceed to the town of Santiago del Teide, from where you take the mountain road to the turnoff for TF-373. After passing El Tanque on the roundabout, go to TF-5. There are signs for you to follow as you approach Puerto de la Cruz.

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