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Los Cristianos Tenerife: A Charming Town With Golden Sand Beaches

Travelling to Tenerife? Then you may have heard about Los Cristianos. In fact you may well have eyed it up from afar (on Google) and sent admiring glances in its direction. If you’re super weird, you might even have inconspicuously left flowers on its doorstep 🙂

Or perhaps you have no feelings about it either way. Admittedly on first glance, Los Cristianos looks the same as most other resorts on the island – there’s the ocean and beach, some restaurants and hotels. Yada yada yada. But to stay there, you soon realise that it possesses its own unique energy and atmosphere. You’ll see that there is culture, and history, and that 100 years ago there were zero infinity pools in the region. Crazy, right?

Fortunately you don’t have to go there to decide whether it’s the right place for you – I’ve put together a Los Cristianos guide on everything you could possibly need to know about staying in this town.

(And also stuff you don’t need to know, but there’s no extra charge for that.)

What is Los Cristianos like?

people drinking in a bar in Los Cristianos old town
Los Cristianos Old Town

Located some 17km from Reina Sofia South Airport on Tenerife’s southern coast, Los Cristianos Tenerife is one of the oldest towns in the region.

For the longest time a humble little fishing village sitting in the shadow of the (extinct) Montaña de Guaza volcano, Los Cristianos was “discovered” and popularised by Swedish travellers in the 1950’s. Unlike the legion of Brits that would arrive decades later, they weren’t here just to bake themselves into a crisp – the Swedes came to Los Cristianos after discovering the warmer temperatures served as therapy for certain health conditions (like MS).

With the word out and the floodgates now open, the town readily embraced this newfound tourism. It quickly became the first climate resort in the south of Tenerife.

It has since expanded into a full on tourist destination, accommodating visitors from across the globe. Even so, many of the more “authentic” parts of the town have been preserved.

Los Cristianos harbour with many nice boats
Los Cristianos Harbour

The fishing industry (along with the harbour which is one of the best things to see in Los Cristianos) is still alive and well, and watching from the beach it’s possible to witness fishing boats full of catch coming to shore. To capture the more traditional part of ‘urban’ (I say that loosely – no skyscrapers or Apple stores here) Los Cristianos, visiting the old town is a splendid throwback to days of old.

The newer part of the town is quite the opposite – it features a low-rise compact settlement with shops, cafes and restaurants, and many hotels.

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Is Los Cristianos the right place for you?

Is holidays to Los Cristianos a good idea? Compared to its high-octane, stay-up-all-night-making-a-racket neighbour Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos is a more relaxed environment. There is little-to-no rowdy nightlife here, making it suitable for families with kids, romantic getaway-ers, older individuals, digital nomads, those with disabilities, and to be honest, any low-key Larry (someone who wants to relax!) It should go without saying, it’s not ideal for thrills and drink spills – party goers that want to be at the centre of the action should look further afield.

After sunset Los Cristianos town is tranquil enough that you can go for a stroll while enjoying the sound of the waves, and the shimmering stars in the sky.

Los Cristianos town full of holidaymakers
Los Cristianos Town

The daylight hours can be spent indulging in all the offerings of a traditional Spanish town; navigating the winding streets amidst the dishevelled old buildings of Los Cristianos old town, sipping on wine or coffee (or both? Yes, both) at a quayside restaurant, buying fresh fruit from a street vendor – the most rewarding activities in this charming place are the simple ones done by the locals.

Basing yourself in Los Cristianos Tenerife is a great idea if you’re looking for that slow paced lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you are confined to the resort – should you wish to get out and do something a little more energetic, then there are numerous activities and excursions close by in the region. Whale watching, hiking, and splashing around the aqua park are popular options.

Where to stay in Los Cristianos?

One thing that newcomers to the resort may not realise is that Los Cristianos is situated between two mountains – Montaña Chayofita and La Montaña de Guaza. This is of relevance (despite the fact that many Los Cristianos reviews do not mention it) because it means many of the hotels are on higher ground.

For some people, having their hotel on a hill is undesirable, and can come as an unpleasant surprise upon arrival. Even for travellers in fairly good shape, getting to and from the hotel can be a pain in the backside when you’re having to repeatedly make an uphill climb in the heat. The lay of the land is not always obvious when looking at a hotel on a map, so if this is of concern it’s best to check with the hotel itself.

The good news? Most of these hotels don’t expect you to struggle up and down the hill, and lay on free shuttles to and from the beach. Plus, accommodation situated on higher ground tends to be cheaper.

And of course, being up there affords customers fantastic views of the ocean, the beach, and the city. Nothing says made it like sipping on a cocktail, while watching over your empire (a bit of imagination required here).

people relaxing on Los Cristianos beach
Los Cristianos beach

Parents needn’t be told: staying on a hill when you have kids is not the best idea.

It’d make more sense to choose a hotel closer to the beach.

The same applies for older folk, those with disabilities or physical challenges, and really anyone who hates scaling hills with a passion.

Los Cristianos holidays can be amazing if you know where to stay in Los Cristianos!

Here are a few recommendations:

holidaymakers at Los Cristianos promenade
Los Cristianos promenade

While it’s by no means a secret, Los Cristianos resort is rather unheralded compared to some of its neighbours. It isn’t your typical resort (where every square inch is catering exclusively to tourists) and is therefore overlooked by many holidaymakers.

But there is a lot to love about the place – having retained a great deal of its authenticity throughout the island’s tourism boom, Los Cristianos offers visitors a blend of both old and new.

It’s serene, whilst also being close enough to the action. It has both modern amenities, and dinky old cafes and shops that’ll send you hurtling back in time. It has hills and err…more hills, actually, just 2! (where you can watch amazing sunsets!).

Is Los Cristianos nice? Los Cristianos has it all. Just don’t forget to bring your walking shoes.

And if you are so inclined (pun absolutely intended) perhaps a sherpa and an oxygen tank 🙂

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