Tenerife in April

Weather in Tenerife in April: How Warm Is It?

Taking a vacation out of season can be the perfect solution for avoiding those hectic summer influxes of tourists. Whether you are looking for a calm destination for your next trip or for a way to simply enjoy one of your favourite islands without having as many people around, taking an early vacation in April can be a great option. The best part is that for some of the most popular destinations, such as Tenerife, April can be perfect, both in terms of weather and in terms of affordable prices for flights and hotels. What is the temperature in Tenerife in April? Is Tenerife hot in April? Will you be able to swim in the ocean? You will find the answers to all these questions in this article.

1 – Weather in Tenerife in April 

Average temperature Tenerife April

How hot is Tenerife in April? The weather in Tenerife in April can in many ways be seen as ideal, with the highest temperatures reaching up to 21.5 °C and the lowest temperatures being around 14.5 °C.

Between those extremes, one can find the actual day temperature comfortably resting at 20.2 °C and the night temperature at 19.1°C. The average temperatures in Tenerife in April are around 20-21°C.

While these temperatures are not as high as the ones you will be able to experience in the summer months, they are still high enough that you will be able to spend each day laying at the beach or going around the island. 

Sometimes, Tenerife can be hit by a calima, a type of sandstorm. You can read more about calima here.

Overall, the climate in Tenerife in April is pleasant, making it an ideal destination for those who want to escape rainy weather or a delayed spring back home.

Weather differences between the Northern and the Southern parts of Tenerife 

Where to go in Tenerife in April? Especially in the spring months, you need to consider some of the weather differences that can be seen between the Northern and Southern parts of Tenerife.

Generally speaking, the North is prone to have more trade winds, and while the temperature remains relatively high at 19 to 23 °C, the air can make the area feel cooler and more humid. This could affect your travels if you were looking to spend every day sunbathing and enjoying your time by the sea.

In contrast, the South of Tenerife is not as exposed to trade winds, so the landscape is arid. The temperature levels are similar to those in the North usually makes the South much more ideal for days spent at the beach because of the lack of cold winds and humidity. The weather in South Tenerife in April is also more stable than in the North.

If you want to spend your holiday in the hottest part of Tenerife in April, then head to resorts in the south such as Costa Adeje, Los Gigantes and Playa de las Américas.

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Costa Adeje weather April 

Located in the Southwestern part of the island, Costa Adeje is a coastal part of the province of Adeje. The area is particularly well known for golden sand beaches, so naturally, you will want to know that the temperature during April will be pleasant enough. 

Costa Adeje weather April is great, – you will be able to enjoy the sea, the sand, and the sun without a problem. Due to the nature of the weather in Southern Tenerife, Costa Adeje is very unlikely to see any rainfall during April, with the weather averages indicating 1 day of rain in the whole month. The temperature is also quite comfortable, usually peaking at 23°C and occasionally dropping to 16°C. Usually, the temperature during both day and night lays close to the 20°C.

Puerto De la Cruz weather April

Puerto de la Cruz is located on the North coast of Tenerife and it is particularly well known for its volcanic-sand beaches.

If you are travelling in April, this city may be one of the best places to visit as it tends to be quite a bit warmer. The highest temperatures usually are around 26°C, while the lowest ones can be around 18°C. This 2-3° difference can be important if you want to spend your days basking in the hot sun.

Los Gigantes weather April 

A resort town on the West coast of Tenerife, Los Gigantes is charming in April. The temperature which is usually in the mid 20°C range, and can reach up to 26°C is perfect for long days in the sun. The weather in Los Gigantes in April is perfect for a day at the beach or hiking.

Even at night time, this town remains warm enough to wander around as the temperature rarely drops below 18°C. Because Los Gigantes is protected from the wind by huge cliffs, this is the warmest part of Tenerife in April.

2 – Can you swim in April in Tenerife?  

The ocean water in Tenerife is usually around 20°C which makes it comfortable enough to swim in.

Some beaches may have slightly lower temperatures than that, so depending on your ability to swim in colder water, you may find that the water is not for you during that time of year.

Normally, the beaches in the Southern parts of Tenerife tend to be quite warm, and many people tend to go swimming in those areas.

If a swim in the ocean at 19-20 degrees seems too extreme for you, why not stay in a hotel with a heated pool?

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3 – Where to stay in Tenerife in April 

Generally, the best way of sorting through which area is best for your stay is by deciding what activities you want to partake in ahead of time. Depending on your budget, whether you are travelling alone or with family, and whether you would prefer to stay in an apartment or a hotel, the options for where to stay are ample.

Whether you want a luxury resort or hotels like Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife or the Adrian Hoteles Roca Nivaria, or a cheaper option such as the Coral Teide Mar, you are sure to have a great experience in Tenerife.

Great apartments and family options include the Beverly Hills Apartments, Sol Arona Tenerife, and the Regency Torviscas Apartments and Suites.

4 – Warmest part of Tenerife in April 

Generally speaking, the South of Tenerife tends to be warmer than the North. The Southern coasts tend to also have waters that are more pleasant to swim in during April. This is the reason it is often preferred by vacation goers.

5 – Things to do in Tenerife in April 

Tenerife has numerous opportunities for both relaxation and adventure that are well outside of the ordinary. What to do in Tenerife in April? While many people think of swimming, sunbathing, going clubbing, and surfing when they think of Tenerife, the island has a lot more to offer.

If you are looking for something more unique to do during your visit I recommend:

  1. Hiking the Mount Teide National Park
  2. Going whale and dolphin watching
  3. Visiting Siam Park
  4. Visiting the Cueva del Viento caves
  5. Diving to find shipwrecks

April temperatures in Tenerife are perfect for all these activities.

6 – What to wear in Tenerife in April

Every trip to Tenerife should start with packing swimwear, comfortable beachwear and clothes clothing that you can comfortably roam the town streets in.

While the weather is relatively warm in April, I still suggest that you bring with you some warmer jackets, a light down jacket, jumpers, and trousers. Especially at night, when the sun is not around to warm you up, those extra pieces can help keep you warm and make your visit all the more pleasant.

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