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Weather in Tenerife in August: How Hot Is It?!

For many, August is an ideal time of year to visit Tenerife. It’s holiday season, the kids are off school, and the island itself promises warm temperatures throughout the month.

For others though, the thought might not be so appetizing. Why? Well, it’s peak holiday season ($$$), everyone else’s kids are off school (with tons of screaming guaranteed), and temperatures are sure to be so freakin’ high, that you’ll just spend your entire vacation spooning the refrigerator.

August in Tenerife is not for everyone, and that’s okay. The good news? This marvelous plot of the Canaries is open 12 months a year. If any of the aforementioned sounds like your personal hell on earth, then I recommend visiting later (or earlier) in the year.

What if you have no choice but to go in August? Or perhaps you simply aren’t fazed by seasonal price increases or the holiday traffic? Could it be that you are nothing more than a heat junkie?

First of all, good for you. Secondly, you’ll probably want to know a bit more about what to expect before arriving on the Island. And I suppose you want to know exactly ‘how hot is Tenerife in August’? So let’s get into that, shall we?

Weather August Tenerife: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

You’ve probably heard the expression that Tenerife is the island of eternal spring.

I’m sorry to bring you the news that this is a filthy lie.

There’s nothing spring-like about the place in August – by this time of year, summer has well and truly arrived. It’s official: August is the hottest month in Tenerife.

That means it is sunny and hot throughout the month. Temperatures fluctuate between 27 and 36 degree celsius, occasionally reaching a face-melting 40 degrees.

Don’t be misled by ‘average temperature in Tenerife in august’ forecasts from generic weather websites; for whatever reason they always seem to show a blanket temperature of 23-24 degrees for most of the year, August included. That’s certainly not representative of ‘on the ground’ temperatures.

Even if thermometer readings say 25 degrees, the ‘real feel’ is going to be more like 30 degrees, particularly in the south of the island.

At night, temperatures do (mercifully) drop to a cooler-but-no-bed-sheets-necessary 26-30 degrees. To be in with a chance of getting a good night’s sleep, you’d be wise to choose accommodation with air-conditioning and/or a ceiling fan.

No need to google ‘Costa Adeje weather august’, ‘Playa de Las Americas weather august’ etc etc …. Believe me, the weather is pretty much the same everywhere in August – it’s just hot.

If all this data isn’t providing a clear enough picture of how warm it can get, consider this: Tenerife is on a similar latitude to the blast furnace known as the Sahara Desert.

So as you can see, the weather in Tenerife in August is a hell for some, but for others it’s heaven on earth. Everyone has their own recipe for happiness, right?

And there’s something else you might discover in Tenerife in August: a calima. This is a not so pleasant weather phenomenon that is generally harmless for most people, but which can cause discomfort for sensitive people or people in risk groups. The calima is a rare occurrence in Tenerife, but it does happen. Find out all about Calima in Tenerife here.

Can You Swim in Tenerife in August?

Is it possible to swim in Tenerife, in August?

Shocking it may seem, yes, it is.

Not only is it possible, I’d suggest that it’s a very good idea.

If you ask me, a daily dip in the pool/ocean this time of year should be GOVERNMENT MANDATED.

With a 100 euro fine for anyone that is anti-splash.

Ocean temperatures during August range between 22 and 24 degrees – less than the 27-28 degree temperatures that people come to expect from Mediterranean waters. Which might be considered a blight on your beach time during other parts of the year, but is actually a saving grace during August. Bathing in the cooler (not cold) water offers up the perfect relief from oven-esque conditions of the land.

You may have noticed – many hotels in Tenerife advertise heated pools as part of their facilities. However, this is mainly a service intended for the non-summer months. It’s not in their interest (nor the customers’) to do so when it’s already baking hot outside.

That’d be crazy. Often, they will dial down water temperatures accordingly. To check that they aren’t in fact crazy (or have a non-heated pool), I suggest checking with the hotel directly.

Things To Do In Tenerife in August

Given how hot and sweaty it gets, August in Tenerife is obviously not conducive to engaging in lots of activity. Most holidaymakers spend their days shifting around in supine, catching rays, and sipping on ice cold beverages.

But for the less committed tanners (and total non-participants i.e. kids), a week or more passively grilling oneself in the sun isn’t going to cut it. Luckily there are various outings that allow you to get away from the hotel/beach, without expending too much energy.

Head to Europe’s Best Water Park – Siam Park

Siam Park water park is a fantastic way to keep cool while having some fun. This Thai-themed aqua park features water slides, rapids, and the highest artificial waves in the world. Should that all sound a bit too hectic then don’t fear, there are also plenty of sunbeds and low-key lounging pools for relaxing.

Unsurprisingly Siam Park gets quite busy during August, so if you’re thinking of making the trip you’d be wise to book your tickets well in advance. And to further improve your wellbeing, you might consider skipping the queues by paying for Fast-track access.

Love standing in line for hours? In the scorching August sun, no less? Then I recommend doing absolutely nothing in advance. Just make sure you bring a drink and some sunblock.

Swim In The Unique And Romantic Natural Pools Created By Nature Out of Hot Lava

Should that all sound too artificial for your tastes, then the island’s natural pools are a more organic and ambient alternative. A unique feature of Tenerife, these numerous lagoon-style pools were created by lava hitting the sea (a long, long time ago) and quickly freezing.

Fortunately, no epic 90ft water slides were generated during this phenomenon, which only enhances the beauty and romantic atmosphere that these pools offer visitors.

Take a Walk Among The Greenery in the Ancient Laurel Forest Or Go Hiking in Anaga Park

An equally natural but less aqua-centric location worth checking out is Anaga Park, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Situated in the northern mountain range of Tenerife, this national park has diverse nature, tropical plants, and – if you can face it – hiking trails aplenty.

Perhaps the most curious spot is Laurel Forest, which features interesting trees and vegetation, and makes for a good place to escape the piercing sunshine.

Temperatures remain rather stable inside the forest, but on the flipside, it is a bit humid. You win some, you lose some! Still, the Anaga Park is a great place in Tenerife to cool down and take a break from the heat. Temperatures in the park are considerably lower than in the south of the island.

Final Words

So there we have it. The soaring temperatures of August in Tenerife will likely play a big part in your ability to experience what the island has to offer, so that should be given some careful thought before booking flights and accommodation. If you’re the sort who loves getting out and about, sightseeing, climbing up hills, and generally being active, then you might want to (if possible) wait a few months for the weather to cool off before visiting.

If you on the other hand are the kind whose daily schedule consists of frontside-backside-leisurely swim-cocktail on a continuous loop, then August in Tenerife has a sunbed with your name on it!

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