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Weather in Tenerife in September: It’s Not Autumn!

Did you know that saying “It’s almost September” to a baby’s pudgy little face will cause them to instantly start crying? Don’t believe me? Give it a go.

(Preferably not to a stranger’s baby)

The truth is that mere utterance of the word ‘September’’ is enough to send most folk into a near catatonic state of sadness. That’s because September universally means summer is over, and everyone will soon be returning to school/work/real life. It means that the darkness and rain are not too far round the corner.

But before such thoughts fill your heart with sorrow and you begin sobbing uncontrollably (like a baby), hear this: summer is still in full swing in Tenerife during September. That’s right – the calendar flips over to a new page, but everything else stays the same. More or less. The most notable differences being that prices drop, the island becomes less crowded, and ocean temperatures go up.

Sounds spectacular, right? Right! September in Tenerife is certainly a marvelous time of year – It’s like a compromise between summer and the off-season. Before you run off and book flights however, allow me to paint you a broader picture. As your mother probably warned you: Never take the introduction at face value. Always read the entire article.

She didn’t? Oh well, keep reading anyway.

Tenerife Weather September 

Is Tenerife hot in September? Using the lesser known gorgeous or not gorgeous metric, Tenerife’s weather in September measures in at gorgeous. Want to know what that means in actual, useful data? No problem. The average daytime temperature is similar to that of prior months, sitting at a warm 27-28 degrees celsius (the average temperature in Tenerife in September is +27 ⁰C).

There is a notable difference in night time temperatures though, as things cool off to an average 18-21 degrees, making for more comfortable sleeping conditions.

You can expect some rainfall during September, although it remains infrequent. Likewise, cloudy skies are limited to 6-7 days a month, and don’t often last long enough to spoil tanning sessions. You’ll still need a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and some umbrellas (I mean the miniature sort you put in adult refreshments. Obviously.)

Small as Tenerife may be, there is some regional variance in weather that you should be aware of before planning your holidays in Tenerife in September:

Costa Adeje Weather September

The temperature in Costa Adeje during September floats around 25C and 27C, making it warm, though not insufferably hot. One might say the weather in Costa Adeje in September is ideal.

Playa de Las Americas Weather September

Its close proximity to Costa Adeje means Las Americas’ weather is equally splendid – warm and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 25-28 degrees. The one caveat being that it tends to be windier here.

As such, the beaches of Las Americas have higher waves than its neighbor, making it a popular surfing area. If you fancy being repeatedly wiped out by a furious wall of water (usually advertised as ‘learning to surf’) then this is the place to do it. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone!

Los Cristianos Weather September

Lo and behold, Los Cristianos is yet another spot sitting on the south coast of Tenerife that promises beautiful weather and balmy temperatures. Between 26-27 degrees in the daytime, to be exact.

Puerto De la Cruz Tenerife Weather September

Heading further north to the resort of Puerto de la Cruz, temperatures are usually a little cooler than in the south, although humidity is often higher. Nonetheless, pleasant, warm weather is still assured. That’s a money-back guarantee.

(In the event that the weather is horrendous, you can claim your money back by yelling “where’s my money!” at the ocean, and then waiting 8-10 weeks.)

Something to keep in mind about Tenerife September Weather

Another weather phenomenon that can rear its head in autumn is that of Señora Calima. This may sound like the annoying new latino pop star, but it’s marginally worse than that – Calima is a sandstorm hailing from the Sahara Desert. Not only does she cover every car, building, and road in a layer of dust, but Señora presents a real health hazard. Fortunately it is a rare occurrence, and shouldn’t dissuade you from visiting Tenerife at this time of year.

Tip of the day: should a sandstorm happen while you’re in Tenerife, go inside. Genius, huh?

Can You Swim in Tenerife in September?

You can, and you should. A more appropriate question visitors should be asking themselves is: “How much time should I spend on land?” Because it is in September that the ocean reaches its warmest temperature of 23-25 degrees.

Why is this? During the summer months the ocean absorbs a lot of heat, so by the time September rolls around, it’s like a warm insulated bath. Even for cold sensitive individuals, taking a dip in the big blue is usually a pleasant experience.

Should you frequent the Maldives or Indian Ocean, then you might in fact find the mid-20’s water a little chilly. In which case you’d be better off reserving your water time for the heated hotel pool (I suggest checking that the hotel has this facility prior to booking).

Aqua-based humans that throw themselves into any body of water, no matter the temperature (you know who you are), will be pleased to hear that during September the ocean is open and ready for business, 24/7. Swim, snorkel, scuba dive, surf, float around aimlessly wondering whether you could live in the sea full-time – you can do it all at multiple points along Tenerife’s coast.

Things To Do in Tenerife in September

The September heat means Tenerife lends itself to the typical holiday activities – tanning, swimming, sleeping, mashing all manner of delicious Canarian food into your face hole – you know the score.

But what if that all becomes a little too self-indulgent? Then you might wish to add a dash of culture to your vacation, and visit the Guimar Pyramids. Constructed by the Guanches civilization over 100 years ago, the pyramids remain rather mysterious in their origin and purpose. All six of them are astronomically oriented to the vernal equinox, and have consecutive steps leading towards the sun.

Another interesting location worth exploring is Masca, a village regarded to be the most beautiful in Tenerife. Situated in the mountains north-west of the island, many tourists brave the narrow serpentine road (not for the faint hearted, or terrible drivers, or pukers) to come here and bask in the spiritual and peaceful atmosphere.

Should you visit Tenerife in September? If you like hot weather, peace and quiet, and saving money – I would guess that’s the majority of you – then absolutely.

Perhaps a more pertinent question would be: Can you go to Tenerife in September? If you have kids or other such inescapable responsibilities keeping you at home, then it might not be realistic. But if it’s a case of asking your boss for some time off? Do it. Right now.

And what if he says no? Then just tell him you need a long lunch break, instead. Works every time.


(In the event you take a 10 day lunch break in Tenerife, I am not responsible for you being terminated by your employer.)

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