Tenerife in July

Weather in Tenerife in July: Isn’t it Too Hot?

July in Tenerife is the perfect time for travellers who love the heat and sun. July is guaranteed to be hot every day, suitable for sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the ocean. July is traditionally the high season in Tenerife. But here some travellers might have doubts – isn’t the weather in Tenerife too hot in July? After all, there are some people who can tolerate the heat just fine, while others prefer a moderately warm, comfortable climate.

This article about the weather in Tenerife in July is meant to confirm or dispel your doubts.

1 –  Temperature in Tenerife in July

How hot is it in Tenerife in July? As many guidebooks state, Tenerife is an ideal year-round destination, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius in summer and 18 degrees Celsius in winter. Tenerife is famed as the island of eternal spring. But in July, the temperature doesn’t feel like spring at all, it’s true summer, albeit a rather gentle one.

While the weather does feel more like spring in June, July marks the beginning of real summer in Tenerife.

Temperatures are usually between 27 and 28 degrees Celsius, with the occasional 30 degrees Celsius.

If a Calima hits the island, the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius. During some days of the calima it can be very hot, up to +37 degrees Celsius.

Lago Martianez in Tenerife in July

Nighttime temperatures in July don’t drop much and are around 23-26 degrees Celsius.

Considering that the island is in the middle of the ocean, the unbearable heat and stuffiness is almost non-existent due to the pleasant breeze. You won’t suffer from stuffiness at night, unless you’re planning to spend your holiday in the capital, Santa Cruz. It can get really hot and humid there, amongst the stone and concrete.

Tenerife’s climate is very special. While in Europe, July and August are the peak of summer and heat waves, Tenerife’s hottest months are August and September. If you don’t like too much heat, then the first half of July is a good time to visit Tenerife. The weather will be perfect for you.

2 – Weather in different Tenerife resorts in July

Although Tenerife is a fairly small island, there are many different climatic zones.

The southern part of Tenerife is more deserted and hot. The air here is dry and warm. The northern part of Tenerife is greener, with more humid air and more frequent rainfall.

It doesn’t rain in the south in July, so you can enjoy clear blue skies every day. The north of Tenerife is often cloudy, even during July, and on average, you’ll experience 1 rainy day in July. Occasionally, light rain can fall at night.

In general, the weather in the north, due to the clouds that block out the sun, is more suitable for travellers who do not like the constant scorching sun. In addition, the abundance of greenery in the north of the island lowers the heat by a few degrees and the heat feels more comfortable.

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3 – Water temperature in Tenerife in July 

The water temperature in Tenerife during July is comfortable to swim in, around +22 degrees Celsius. Sometimes the water temperature can reach +24 degrees Celsius.

The ocean in Tenerife will feel cold compared to the Mediterranean sea and other warm seas. The feeling of warmth or cold is very individual and differs from person to person.

If you take a small focus group, one person might find it chilly to swim in Tenerife in July, another person feels comfortable in the water, and some might even find it hot.

If you’re spoilt by the warm waters of the seas and find the ocean water too cool, you can always stay at a hotel with a heated pool. Most pools take their water directly from the ocean, so you can soak up the beneficial sea minerals from the water as well.

View a selection of hotels with heated pools here.

people swimming in Lago Martianez in Tenerife

The southern part of the island will have slightly warmer ocean water than the northern part.

If you’re looking for warm water, opt for beaches with coves and breakwaters. These beaches have no waves, and the entry is gentle and smooth, allowing the water to warm very well.

During your trip to Tenerife, don’t miss the chance to swim in one of the natural pools. These are truly unique natural spots that will give you a lot of enjoyable experiences.

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4 – Things to do in Tenerife in July

Tenerife is a hub of amazing cultural and leisure activities. Tenerife’s museums are impressive and its nature is rich with amazing scenery, from lush forests to striking cliffs.

A road trip around Tenerife is an experience you’ll always yearn for and wish it never ends.

Maybe you love sports, then you’re in the right place in Tenerife. You can practice all kinds of sports in Tenerife, especially those related to the sea and golf.

Alternatively, if you’re planning on taking your kids on holiday with you, don’t worry, your holiday won’t turn into a problem and you’ll enjoy yourself. You’ll find water parks, leisure centres, playgrounds and parks all over the island. There are also children’s centres where you can leave your children for a few hours or a whole day and go on a more extreme excursion where you can’t bring kids with you, such as a trip to Mount Teide or a whale-watching boat ride.

area for children at Siam Park Tenerife

Activities for the whole family include a visit to LORO PARK Zoo and SIAM PARK Waterpark.

Stargazing is also a lovely activity in Tenerife, especially for couples who want to have a romantic time. The best place to do this is the national park near the volcano Teide and on special stargazing excursions. This tour allows you to view the planets and constellations through a professional telescope and to learn about the cosmos. Learn more about the Tenerife Stargazing Tour here.

If you like bustling colourful festivals and music concerts, Tenerife is the place to be in July. One of these festivals is celebrated in mid-July in Puerto de la Cruz – The celebrations in honour of the Virgen del Carmen. As you can see in this video, the festival is huge. Thousands of people in Puerto de la Cruz gather at the fishing port to watch the arrival of the Virgin Mary, who is carried onto a boat by fishermen. Afterwards, the Virgin is carried off in a sea procession.

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